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CARES Corner:  An electronic forum where our REGISTERED MEMBERS can meet to discuss and debate educational issues in Berwyn.

webassets/forum.JPGBerwyn CARES recently launched a new online forum called CARES Corner.  The forum was created with the belief that parents and residents need a place to talk to and connect with one another around educational issues that affect Berwyn families, like you would with your neighbors at the end of your street.  We will be working very hard to create an environment where people feel safe sharing, discussing and debating.
The forum is only open to our members. Guests will not be able to view discussions (IE if you are not registered you cannot read our posts).  Our members must use their first and last names to register for the forum and may need to wait 24 hours to be approved.
Topics will focus on educational and school issues, however we have heard from our Community Partners, that they would like us to include a broad area for 'after school activities' like family friendly events. 

Register for the Forum.  Approval can take up to 24 hours as we need to confirm your membership status and email address.  If you are not a CARES Member, please Join Now.  Membership is free.  We hope to see you on the CARES Corner.
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