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Announcing the 2012-2013 Berwyn Challenge at Donors Choose! #990000#990000

From December 12 through December 31st, 2012 Berwyn CARES will match dollar for dollar any contribution to the Berwyn Challenge up to $250 per project or $2000 in total (whichever is less).  Only projects registered for the Challenge as of December 12, 2012 will qualify for matching contributions.

Apply for Funding


It's simple really.  You have a great idea that would help enrich your students' learning experience.  We help provide the funding.  Teachers submit your proposals to DonorsChoose.org and each December Berwyn C.A.R.E.S. grants up to $500 to the top concepts submitted by Berwyn Teachers.

Projects Supported by C.A.R.E.S.

The 2010 Challenge was a tremendous success. Thanks to generous contributions from our community and from around the United States and an additional $3500 in grants from BerwynCARES, projects were funded and thousands of students were impacted.  High school students were also impacted through the 2011 Morton Mini Challenge.

2009 Projects
Becoming Beethoven
Books for Boys
Caudill Up & Read*
Choir Can’t Be Seen. Only Heard.*
Helping Parents Help Their Kids Learn to Read
A Long Way Gone & Modern African Politics
Mini Mozart – Composers for the 21st Century
Motivate These Kids
Movement Education Equipment
Music Matters!*
Projector for Pronouns, Persuasive Writing & More*
Rainbow Reader Table Needs Chairs
Reading is Fun
Say Cheese.*
Techie Musicians
We See Your True Colors of Light
Where are the Science Fiction Books?
Writing is Fun*
You Mean…That's Poetry?*

*A BerwynCARES grant of $200-$1000 provided the balance of funding to complete project.

2008 Projects
Getting Ready to Read
Creating a Completed Classroom
Therapy for At-Risk Students Using BOOKS!
Kids Doing Yoga
What's an Oboe? Who Is Beethoven? (Posters)
My Turn! My Turn!
First Grade Class Needs the Write Stuff
Tip Top Learning for First Graders

2007 Projects
Bibliotherapy For At-Risk Students
Give The Poor Kid A Chance!
A Visit to the 50 States
Let's Table the Issue in Berwyn
South Berwyn First Graders are Floored!
I'm Ready to Act...Where's the Script?
Batteries For Roll-Up Keyboards
Read It Like You Talk It!

2006 Awards by School
Heritage Middle School (three projects)

Havlicek School (three projects)

Lincoln School (one project)

Piper School (one project)

Projects in Need of Funding

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